The Opportunity

Our client needed a Medical Affairs field quality strategy for an investigational medication used for post-transplant infections that was under FDA review for market approval.

Our Work

We gained a foundational understanding of client desires for the project and prior client strategic work through interviews with 7 cross-functional core team members.

We performed an environmental landscape review of transplant quality using our Comprehensive Quality Evaluation (CQE) approach.

We interviewed 12 external stakeholders in transplantation (e.g., transplant surgeons, infectious disease physician, clinical pharmacist, data registry researcher, specialty pharmacy, payer medical director, clinical pharmacist, patient caregiver/advocate, etc.).

We presented strategic insights and actionable recommendations to the client in a presentation and report.

The Outcomes

We developed 19 actionable recommendations in 6 project domains for client’s larger strategic Medical Affairs Field stakeholder engagement plan.

The client had better insight into the quality landscape, the continuum of care, and payer considerations.

We also connected the client to patient advocacy groups, researchers, clinicians, and payers for potential future partnerships in the areas of advocacy engagement, clinical registry data analyses, and quality improvement pilots.

Client gained enhanced internal Medical Affairs and field function competencies for new-level strategic quality engagement.

We helped position the client as a trusted partner with prioritized external stakeholders in transplant quality. Learn more about how we can help your organization.

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