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2023 PQA Annual Meeting

The 2023 PQA Annual Meeting delivers informative and inspiring speakers across general and educational sessions, collaborative forums, innovation theaters and poster presentations. The sessions address top issues and emerging trends in medication quality, measure development and implementation, health equity, social determinants of health, care transformation and technology.

NTOCC Pharmacist Transitions of Care Task Force

This initiative is paving the way for pharmacists to play a transformational role - join us and lend your thoughts on this mission!

Life Sciences Philadelphia - Tell Me About Your Job program

This live online program is geared toward students and features life science professionals from underrepresented groups who highlight their career path.

SCOPE 2023 - Summit For Clinical Ops Executives

SCOPE 2023 focused on advances and innovative solutions in all aspects of clinical trial innovation, planning, management and operations.

Podcast & Interviews

What's Your Legacy Podcast

Air Date:

February 18, 2021

Pennsylvania estate planning attorney Yvette Taylor-Hachoose explores the extraordinary legacies of ordinary people on her 'What's Your Legacy 'Podcast. In this conversation with Yvette, Dr. Turner shares his life philosophy on important questions.

Life Science Success Podcast

Air Date:

February 15, 2021

In this podcast, Dr. Donald Davis interviews THCQ Consulting President and CEO Dr. Norris Turner about his career, healthcare economic disparities, and THCQ's work with organizations around building market access strategy and healthcare quality strategy.

Life Sciences Philadelphia - Tell Me About Your Job

Air Date:

March 10, 2021

This live online program is geared toward students and features underrepresented individuals who highlight their career path, explain their roles, and answer questions about the career opportunities within the life sciences industry.