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We offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet your business strategy needs in the areas of medical affairs, evidence generation strategy, market access, health equity, and policy & advocacy.

Turner Healthcare Quality Consulting Services

Let’s have a conversation about how our customized Discovery Service Offering (DSO), Comprehensive Quality Evaluation (CQE) or Retainer-Based Services (RBS) will best meet your needs and interests.

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Discovery Service Offering (DSO)

The Discovery Service Offering (DSO) is an easy way for you to work with us. It represents a starting point. This offering gives you an opportunity to see where we can provide tangible value to a challenge you face.

Through our DSO, you are able to customize the project by picking and choosing elements of the CQE that are important to you and your company goals.

Find out more about our CQE offering below.

Comprehensive Quality Evaluation (CQE)

We meet you where you are. We support customized variations of Comprehensive Quality Evaluation (CQE) depending on your goals and needs. Let’s have a conversation about what works best for you.

See below the 3 key elements of our CQE.

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1. We assess your organization’s specific needs and goals

We partner with you and your client cross-functional team members to gain a baseline understanding of goals by job function, current strategic priorities, and desired outcomes for the project.

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2. We align with your goals and evaluate the landscape

We make sure that you are aligned with THCQ's environmental landscape review, through the phases of onboarding/start-up, execution, and generation of deliverables.

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3. We support implementation

Through client application of our actionable project recommendations and insights, we help influence and shape the formulation and execution of client propositions, plans, strategies, and new tactical directions with key customer segments. We take into account environmental influences (e.g., heightened social and health justice, key legislation such as the Inflation Reduction Act, etc.) when we advise our clients and help implement the recommendations.

The Value of Performing a CQE

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Gain insights on health outcomes, patient/provider experiences, cost-effective and equitable care.

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Better understand the realities, challenges, and pain points of key external stakeholders.

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Gain value-based perspectives from providers, payers, patients, and caregivers that relate to business priorities.

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Gain market-relevant health care quality insights that inform medical affairs, evidence generation, market access, and policy/advocacy strategic direction.

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Become trusted partners and strategically engage with key external stakeholders.

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Retainer-Based Services (RBS)

We will advise you every step of the way. Access our strategic advisory consulting services from THCQ Consulting President & CEO, Norris Turner, PharmD, PhD and others on the THCQ Consulting team on an as-needed basis for the term of the agreement.

RBS may serve as a natural transitional service option upon completion of a CQE (or customized version), where there is not a clear scoped-out next-level project to work on.

We offer 3 term options depending on your needs:
- 3 Months
- 6 Months
- 1 Year

What Makes Us Unique

Our Approach

Our Philosophy, Values, Methodology, Experience, and Expertise help to shape our insights and work. We are committed to delivering high quality services that benefit our clients.

Our Values

Passion, Integrity, Accountability, and Excellence

Our Methodology

We conduct interviews with client’s internal team to understand pain points and project goals. Develop a Quality Landscape Scan. Interviews external stakeholders. Deliver strategic recommendations.

Our Experience

Our decades of experience within pharmaceutical companies and healthcare quality organizations distinguishes us from other consulting firms.

Our Expertise

We have expertise in value-based care, clinical science, patient-centeredness, and health equity.

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