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From Lab to Market: The Intersection of Science and Commercial Strategy

In this blog post, we’ll explore how the intersection of evidence-based laboratory and clinical science and strategic commercialization efforts is key for life science company success.
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Bridging the Gap: Fostering Collaboration and Expertise across Clinical Science, Market Access, and Health Plan Engagement

By breaking down functional silos and fostering cross-functional expertise, organizations can unlock new possibilities and maximize the impact of their products.
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From Curiosity to Impact: My Journey in Advancing Quality in Health Care Part 1

THCQ Consulting President & CEO Norris Turner reflects on pivotal moments that inspired shifts in his career — working with clinical trial subjects with serious and persistent mental illness who had recent criminal justice system involvement, delving into health policy, and the enactment of the Affordable Care Act.
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Unlocking Quality Healthcare with THCQ Consulting: Our Logo Explained

Our logo reflects our commitment to helping clients achieve forward-thinking business goals while improving health outcomes in a rapidly evolving industry.
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A Tale of Two Job Functions

Value-based care and healthcare quality are emerging as critical competencies that pharma companies must possess to succeed in an evolving healthcare marketplace.
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Pride & the Freedom to be Yourself

Let's spread love and acceptance! Explore how vulnerability and authenticity can positively impact lives and how you can live a more authentic life.
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Health Equity: A Central Tenet in Health Care Quality

THCQ Consulting Inc. is committed to health equity and work that drives new standards of care, access, and outcomes for everyone.
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In Pursuit of Patient-Centeredness

By investing in patient engagement strategies and incorporating patient perspectives into clinical decision-making, pharma companies can improve the overall quality of care and increase patient satisfaction.
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A New Lens for Pharma

There is an opportunity for a new lens for pharma to bring to external healthcare stakeholder engagement which will help to optimize the execution and performance of key customer-facing functions in the industry.
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The Million Dollar Question that Led to THCQ Consulting

Learn about the birth of Turner Healthcare Quality Consulting and our mission to help pharmaceutical companies provide quality-based care.
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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast…in Healthcare Too

In this blog post, we delve into the often-overlooked issue of how the culture of business in healthcare can have a negative impact on the quality of care patients receive.
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Basics of Health Care Quality: The Metrics of Quality

Whether you're a healthcare provider, patient, or simply interested in the state of healthcare in the US, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of healthcare quality and its impact on all stakeholders.
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Miami-Dade Criminal Mental Health Program: A Best Practice Model

Bringing hope and recovery to a high-need, vulnerable population
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COVID-19 Therapies: Time is of the Essence and Knowledge is Power

In the battle against COVID-19 in the United States, we are in the race of our lives.
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“Time to Fix the Roof is While the Sun is Shining”

Exactly one week ago, in communities across the United States, people were participating in mass gatherings of all types without much of a thought.
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The Big “Picture” of Health Care Quality in the U.S.

Metaphorically speaking: Health care quality and puzzles