2023 PQA Annual Meeting

The 2023 PQA Annual Meeting delivers informative and inspiring speakers across general and educational sessions, collaborative forums, innovation theaters and poster presentations. The sessions address top issues and emerging trends in medication quality, measure development and implementation, health equity, social determinants of health, care transformation and technology.

THCQ Consulting President and CEO, Norris Turner, will be participating in the upcoming PQA conference as a speaker during the First Timers' Session and as a Mentor for the new PQA Diverse Quality Leaders and Healthcare Quality IQ Programs.

Logo for the 2023 PQA Pharmacy Quality Alliance Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN

First Timers Orientation Session

The First Timers Orientation Session is a great way to get acclimated with everything that's happening at the PQA meeting and meet other first-timer. Attendees also have the chance to ask questions and get advice from seasoned professionals in healthcare quality.

Panelists: Brittany Boyd, Molly Ekstrand, Norris Turner, and Mel Nelson

PQA Staff: Loren Kirk, Chris Kotschevar

PQA Diversity in Quality Scholarships program

The PQA Diversity in Quality Leaders program is designed to help address gaps in the healthcare industry. The program will have five distinct parts that aim to increase diversity and inclusion within the field of healthcare quality.

One of these parts is the Diversity in Quality Scholarship program for minority health care professional students to attend the PQA Annual Meeting and participate in the pre-meeting Medication Use Quality workshop.

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PQA Healthcare Quality IQ (HQIQ) program

The PQA Healthcare Quality IQ (HQIQ) program teaches pharmacy and other health professions students the basics of quality measurement and strategies to improve medication safety, adherence and appropriate use. It provides more than 20 hours of specialized learning opportunities in quality and is part of PQA’s commitment to train the next generation of medication use quality professionals.

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