PQA Blog Series: Diverse Voices in Quality

THCQ President & CEO, Norris Turner, was featured in the PQA blog series, "Diverse Voices in Quality," where he highlighted his incredible journey and passion for solving complex healthcare issues through policy, research, and strategy.

The Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) launched a new blog series called "Diverse Voices in Quality" as part of their Diverse Quality Leaders Program.

This blog series highlights the successful career journeys and experiences of medication use quality professionals from diverse backgrounds within PQA member organizations. It celebrates the achievements of members who represent the diversity of our nation and aims to inspire others to become leaders in quality.

For the FIRST blog post in this new series, President & CEO of THCQ Consulting, Norris Turner, discusses his remarkable journey and experiences. Through his story, he highlights the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equitable healthcare.

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PQA Diverse Voices in Quality ft. Dr. Norris Turner

Through his involvement with PQA and other professional organizations, Norris seeks to foster an environment where diverse voices are heard and valued. He believes that by amplifying these voices and embracing the contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds, the healthcare industry can drive meaningful change and create a more equitable and inclusive future.

Norris's participation in the "Diverse Voices in Quality" blog series serves as an inspiration to aspiring healthcare providers. By sharing his journey, he offers valuable insights and lessons learned along the way. Norris always encourages young professionals to pursue their passions, think outside the box, and consider alternative career paths that can lead to impactful roles in quality measurement and improvement.