We help pharma companies optimize their market access strategy through a healthcare quality lens

We are on a shared mission of delivering better patient outcomes, improving patient and provider experiences, reducing cost of care, and advancing health equity.

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The healthcare landscape is
rapidly changing

Patients and their loved ones are demanding better quality healthcare that is affordable, and more accessible.

We know that as a biopharmaceutical company your provider and payer customers are looking for high quality medicines and solutions that bring value to patients and caregivers.

We Help Pharma Professionals With These Challenges

We work with all biopharmaceutical companies regardless of size and therapeutic area who are committed to advancing the state of healthcare quality.

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Senior Director

U.S. Market Access

I am responsible for leading our launch readiness team and optimizing our product value proposition with health plans. I’ll need to account for healthcare quality and the shift to value-based care.

I could use help in developing value-based marketing strategies that deliver better outcomes for patients and our business.

professional woman, vice president clinical development

Vice President

Clinical Development

I want to help lead my team to better understand relevant aspects of value-based care outcomes in the form of quality measurement.

Specifically, how this relates to evolving our Clinical Development evidence generation strategy to support strong market access earlier in the product development life cycle.

professional man, vice president medical affairs

Vice President

Medical Affairs

My team could benefit from strategic support and education on healthcare quality and value-based care specific to our therapeutic areas.

This will help support the ability of Medical Science Liaisons to effectively engage with health system and provider stakeholders.

professional woman, head of patient advocacy and public polocy


Patient Advocacy & Public Policy

For our biologic specialty medications, we can use help with optimizing engagement with patient advocates and policymakers to establish patient-centric, innovative value-based financing arrangements with principles centered on affordability, lower healthcare costs, patient-centered care, and improved outcomes.

professional man, senior director of quality, value, access, and evidence

Senior Director, Quality

Value, Access & Evidence

We need assistance with building strong strategic linkages with key stakeholders to increase the diversity of patients in clinical trials and reduce health inequities in our prioritized disease areas.

This will help improve patient access, care, and outcomes and allow us to meet our business objectives in Value, Access, and Evidence.

professional man, head of digital health center of excellence


Digital Health Center of Excellence, Pharmaceuticals Division

I am responsible for establishing the business operating model for provider-based digital health solutions in our company’s therapeutic areas.

With value-based care as a significant driver for digital health, we can use help with better understanding the role of health data interoperability and quality measurement in digital health, how this affects our business strategy, and our health system customers’ unmet needs.

How we help you

We start our work by first investing time with you and your internal business partners in key cross-functional areas relevant to the project. Our goal at the beginning is to understand your perspectives and identify foundational insights to the work we will undertake with you.

Philosophically, we use the Quintuple Aim strategic lens (i.e., improving population health, enhancing patient & care team experiences, reducing costs, and advancing health equity) and our decades of pharmaceutical industry experience to deliver market-relevant strategic direction to our biopharma clients.

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Market Insights

You will receive unique value-based care insights relevant to your business so you can optimize your product value proposition with prioritized provider and payer customers.

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Trusted Partner

You will become a trusted partner and identify opportunities for strategic engagement with external stakeholders who focus on Quintuple Aim outcomes (improving population health, enhancing patient & care team experiences, reducing costs, and advancing health equity).

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Win-win Relationships

You will gain insights on how to cultivate win-win relationships with prioritized external stakeholders to achieve mutual strategic goals that improve care delivery and health outcomes, lead to better patient experiences, achieve equity, and reduce costs.

THCQ Consulting Services

We offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet your needs in the areas of medical affairs, evidence generation strategy, market access, health equity, and/or policy & advocacy.

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Discovery Service Offering (DSO)

This offering gives you an opportunity to see where we can provide tangible value to a challenge you face. DSO is the easiest way for you to work with us. It represents a starting point.

Comprehensive Quality Evaluation (CQE)

We meet you where you are. We support customized variations of CQE depending on your goals and needs. Let’s have a conversation about what works best for you.

Retainer-Based Services (RBS)

We will advise you every step of the way. Access our strategic advisory consulting services from THCQ Consulting President & CEO, Norris Turner, PharmD, PhD and others on the THCQ Consulting team on an as-needed basis for the term of the agreement.

Current and past clients

I've had the pleasure of knowing Norris Turner for a number of years and working with him for the last two at our consulting firm ESPhA. Since we began utilizing Turner Healthcare Quality Consulting (THCQ), we've been blown away by the valuable insights provided by Norris and the THCQ team. Working with Norris and the THCQ team feels like working with a friend. We couldn't be happier. Big thank you to THCQ for everything you've provided to our team at ESPhA!

Tripp Logan, PharmD

Partner, ESPhA

Norris and THCQ provided critical advice on the innovative concepts developed by RxE2 as we worked to determine how best to bring clinical trials into the daily practice of pharmacists. We worked with Norris to solve one of the pharmaceutical industry's biggest issues: diversity in clinical trials. His guidance and insight on including underrepresented populations in clinical trials through pharmacies and ensuring that we addressed the impact of patient SDOH allowed us to deliver on the RxE2 Diversity Now Plan.

Gerald E. Finken

Chief Executive Officer, RxE2

Our mission is at the
core of what we do

Our mission is to deliver market-relevant strategic guidance for our biopharmaceutical clients by helping to deepen their understanding of their customer’s healthcare quality and value-based care perspectives.

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Our insights focus on leading topics in the healthcare quality, health equity, patient-centeredness, and value-based care space.

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